The purpose of this course is: To help foster self-acceptance and inclusivity

The goals of this course are to:  Engage in identity exploration to facilitate personal and professional growth


Measurable outcomes/takeaways from this program include:

  1. The impact of labels and descriptive words
  2. Information on individual values through utilizing assessments 
  3. Skills to help from mislabeling self and others using positive reframing and other concepts from positive psychotherapy 
  4. How to utilize strengths and talents in one’s profession and life
  5. Tips to practice and grow in self-compassion


Contract Instructor

Tamicka Monson MA, MS, LPC

Tamicka Monson, MA, MS, LPC, CCTP is a professional counselor at Tamicka Monson Counseling LLC. She holds three degrees, including a Master of Science in counseling psychology from the University of Kansas. Tamicka is extremely passionate about identity work. Through individual and group counseling, speaking, and writing, Tamicka helps others heal, grow, and become the best version of themselves. As a dedicated speaker for over fifteen years, Tamicka uses her skills to reach out to hurting individuals within communities. Her topics include mental and emotional healing and living as a whole person after experiencing trauma. She also speaks to community leaders about social justice (such as gun violence, mass incarceration, and poverty) affecting minority communities. Furthermore, having worked in childcare, youth development, education, and mental health for more than fifteen years, she challenges educators to consider the unique struggles of those within minority and poverty-stricken communities and how these struggles affect them. Tamicka has written articles and has been featured on several podcasts and radio stations, including 90.7 KJHK and 90.9 The Bridge. Additionally, she is a rap artist and songwriter and uses her music to bring healing to others. For more information on Tamicka's work, visit

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Live Webinar

    • Identity, Imposter Syndrome, and Staying in Your Lane While Supporting Your Clients

    • Handouts

  • 2


    • Evaluation