Course Description

Service professions do not have to lead to burn out, compassion fatigue or secondary stress, but often do, especially with the added challenges of a pandemic. Although our work is very rewarding, it’s a field that can lead to burnout, secondary stress and compassion fatigue.  This workshop is designed to give you the tools needed to enhance your resiliency, and to embrace self- care as an ethical issue. 

The benefits of healthy stress, indicators of burnout and secondary stress are explored as well as understanding and practicing regulation of the autonomic nervous system. Other foundational practices that both prevent and promote healing of secondary stress will be explored, with engagement from the participants. Come ready to engage and re-invigorate!


Pam Hamilton, LSCSW, LCSW

Making a difference in people’s lives is Pam’s heartbeat. She is a therapist, a consultant and speaker with an expertise in human trafficking, trauma and resiliencey, and LGBT issues. The training she developed for human trafficking while working for Cornerstones of Care has been implemented throughout the state of Missouri, as well as a curriculum on secondary stress and resiliency. Pam served on the Missouri Attorney General’s State Human Trafficking Task Force from 2017 – 2021, helping to create a victim response protocol. Pam serves on the Central Office Trauma Committee for Missouri Children’s Division and is a consultant to the state in areas of secondary stress and human trafficking. Her private practice is Hamilton Counseling & Consulting LLC, which she founded in 2018. Her years of ministry experience as an Associate Pastor has provided Pam with rich experience and understanding of our common humanity and the complexities of life. Pam is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Domestic Mediator, Certified Compassion Fatigue Professional and professional speaker. She prefers water over land, loves to play pickleball and hopes she has made a difference in other people’s lives. Pam and her wife Mary live in the Kansas City area. For more information see

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Live Webinar on November 17, 2021 from 9am-12pm.