Course Description

Course Overview:

In the last several decades, suicide attempts among black adolescents has increased by 73% while attempts among white youth have decreased. Why aren't we sounding the alarm and doing more to raise awareness of this crisis?

During this workshop we will discuss the additional challenges faced by black youth, explore strategies to break down barriers, increase cultural competency amongst providers and the role of racial socialization as a protective strategy in reducing suicide attempts amongst black youth. 

Course Objectives:

  • Evaluate the impact of structural oppression and systemic racism on help seeking
  • Increase awareness of Racial Identity Development and explore strategies to improve cultural humility
  • Identify 3 racial socialization strategies to increase protective factors for black youth
  • Define internalized oppression and identify its contribution to feelings of hopelessness
  • Participants will engage in DBT techniques that can assist youth (and adults) in emotional regulation and distress tolerance


Crystal Rozelle – Bennett, LMSW

Crystal Rozelle – Bennett, LMSW is the founder and CEO of THRYVE, LLC. Ms. Bennett brings over 20 years of experience with youth and families to the leadership of THRYVE. She is committed to advocating for and empowering individuals and communities. Through coaching, consultation, presentations, and workshop facilitation, Ms. Bennett has worked with thousands of professionals, across the nation, to promote the delivery of trauma-informed, culturally inclusive, and person-centered strategies and services. Her areas of expertise include Human Trafficking, Suicide Prevention, Child Trauma/Maltreatment, Motivational Interviewing, Racial Trauma, Cultural Humility, and working to dismantle systems of white supremacy to promote equity and justice.